Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Mum

The passing of years has faded
the red in her cheeks
and thinned the skin of her thighs.
The lines near her mouth
and the drag of her breasts
all tell the tale of a life lived
well or not so well.
She bravely strips naked before all
and lifts her bare arms
dancing exotically
before all those she knows
and others she does not know.
She dances as if many are watching.
She grabs the red boa
and wraps it seductively
around her her arms
and between her legs
before we notice
she was once very beautiful
she still has
the twinkle in her eye.

(This poem came to me after reading a somewhat disturbing article about a young man who takes photographs of his mother having sex with men his age.)


  1. Love the poem - hate the reason for it. EW.

  2. ok the note in the end about made me sick...

    i was feeling good about her still having the twinkle until you put it in context...


  3. Well, dear bloggers, I feel the poem is to appeal to the universal nature of sexuality and its changes as we age...not this particular situation which has lots of issues, clearly.

  4. I simply disregarded the note at the end. Poetry should stand alone without context:)

  5. Snow on the roof does not indicate no fire in the furnace. In that context, it's a fabulous poem.

  6. Beautiful photo!
    Greetings, RW & SK

  7. LOL! The note at the end made me laugh out loud. The old saying "It takes all kinds of people to make up this world..."

    I do love the poem!

  8. beautiful picture and poem but yikes! the inspiration.

  9. Well said, Mimi!

    Love the poem and the photo.

  10. A beautiful poem Tabor.

  11. Good one Tabor!Loved it. Regards and wishes

  12. Oh, there was more to that press story than met the eye - I am sure of it. But a lovely poem which just matched the photo.

  13. Read the poem and sighed "Ohhhh..."
    Read the inspiration and thought, "Oh!"


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