Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Bitter Fruit

It is a bitter world this month. My Meyer lemon has come forth with hundreds of buds and now even has a few blossoms. I got one lemon off this two foot high tree last year and hope by hand pollinating, since there are no crawling or flying insects in my house, that I will get more this year.  I will have to manage removing if too many set as the tree is too small. The smell of the blossoms on this tree is overwhelming.

My Calamondin tree is has been busy for a month with ripening fruit and now we can pick one small one golden orb for our drinks in the evening and I will soon have to do some baking with this fruit and freezing the rest of the abundance.

Both of these are bitter juice fruits, but such a surprise in taste and smell in the short days of winter. Yes these are not in the Room Without Walls, but in a little over two months they will be back out there on my deck.
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