Friday, March 13, 2009

Gone to Wrack and Ruin

March's full moon has been waking me in the middle of the night as it beams through my uncurtained bedroom windows. Its reflection across the water and the land is intriguing and it is hard to get back to sleep after a review of the yard from my windows. About 2:00 PM last night I headed back to bed and found, to my dismay, that the spring moon is also an invitation to raccoon partying and debauchery. This fellow was deep in the ravine having a nasty argument with another male about territory or a loud and raucous discussion with a female about mating--just bring her some of the sunflower seeds you have been stealing from the bird feeder! In either case the scratchy barn door wailing and the harsh growling and the loud chirping sounds went on for over an hour. They would start out low and barely discernible sounding almost like a whistle in the nose of my bed partner, but then escalating to loud cries as though someone was being eaten alive. It took me some time after the silence returned to my neck of the woods for me to fall asleep once again.


  1. Well I can imagine a noise like that keeping you awake! WOW!

  2. Beautiful photo, but couldn't these critters hold their heated conversation somewhere else??

  3. I can't imagine seeing a racoon!

    We have koalas of course, possums and kangaroos, I'm always avoiding on the way to work ..but a racoon like something out of a movie! Very vute they look.

  4. That comment "Gone to Wrack and Ruin" I smile as I remember my mother using it.

  5. It is really difficult to get such a good night photo - kudos to you
    what a way to wake


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