Thursday, March 26, 2009


There is nothing more magical than the potential of a lovely spring flower. The daffodils are now blooming and since they are mixed, some are still pushing through the earth while others are in full bloom. I have so few in this new yard that each is awaited with much excitement. This bud is bowing deeply in honor of its existence before opening its full face to the sun.

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  1. Magical indeed. Your humble daffodil is full of beautiful potential.
    I can't wait to see ours blooming...but the crocus will come first. I wish they'd hurry, but the warmth is taking it's sweet time to arrive. I know it's early yet, but it's hard not to be impatient!
    Our goldfinches look like yours too...rather unkempt looking, aren't they? You've caught some great bird shots. Lucky you to have nesting redheaded woodys! Of course you have the perfect real estate for them :) I haven't seen our redheaded lady for a while, but the downys and hairys come every day.


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