Friday, March 06, 2009


The crisp white of the snow was a thousand mirrors against the setting sun. The surface of the water multiplied that reflection by another thousand shards of silver light. It pierced my eyes and was like white fire inside my brain. How could something so far away be so bright and still seem so cold? It was as if the earth welcomed this parting lightning glance from her old friend and in response swirled, tossing the hem of her dress with a glance over her shoulder displaying her version of fire and ice. It was as if a tango of ardor was being performed between the star and the planet. The intensity of the passion was not for mere mortals such as I to comprehend. I was to stay out of the way and let them do their Klingon dance.


  1. Beautiful photo and wonderfully expressed. I hope folks click on the photo to see just how beautifully it is. Well done!

  2. Sometimes a hundred words are worth a thousand pictures. I think this post was one of those times.

    That was just beautiful

  3. Hey guys, flattery will get you everywhere.


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