Wednesday, March 04, 2009

March the Lion

We had to depart for the weekend as both of my grandchildren's parents were away on travel. We left the fragile newly planted kohlrabi, pak choi and swiss chard in the newly constructed greenhouse. They were well watered, covered with plastic weighted by bales of straw, and then because the weather report predicted temps in the teens, hubby rushed out to buy a tiny heater and set it on the lowest setting of the thermostat.

This is what we returned to this morning. At least 8 inches of white fluffy stuff and 29 insulating blanket of snow on the little greenhouse probably due to the heater inside.

Hubby could not wait to see how the plants did. He tore away the bale of straw and lifted the stiff cold plastic. What he saw were little green faces
twice the size from when we planted them. The heater will only be needed if another hard freeze comes our way. We should have greens for stir fry in two weeks!

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