Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Space Frog

Once again in spring we find 'Space Frog' on the grill under the cover when we remove it to BBQ. (Weather still a little cool, but we grill year round.) It appears here he is dealing with a time continuum for the Crossover Ignition part of the space flight.

This past week while Xman was visiting we found that there was a big frog and a little frog on the BBQ. Xman said they were a mommy and daddy and he is probably right. We carefully placed them in the pansy flower pot so that we could cook dinner.

When the daddy peed on his hand, Xman thought this was very funny.


HalfCrazy said...

Haha aww, I've never seen a cute little frog just like that! Where's the big froggy? LOL

Butler and Bagman said...

Wow, Space Frog! I usually have a green tree frog that lives in the BBQ grill in the fall when it starts getting cold. When I go to grill I have to inspect it well and move him temporarily. I wonder if anyone has ever studied the relationship between frogs and grills. Should be worth at least a million dollar government research grant!

Hilary said...

That's adorable.

You must never show Xman this


Kerri said...

Everything is magic at that age, and we get to experience it through their shining eyes. Isn't it wonderful?
I hope you end up with baby space frogs :)
I clicked Hilary's link and saw those frogs legs. Oh dear! :)

Sky said...

x-man is growing up quickly, isn't he? such a handsome young guy. we have a frog that lives in the water dish of the planter at our entryway. it is out of the weather and somewhat protected by the design of the roofed area. we bought him a frog house...we'll see if he'll use it.