Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring News

(I cannot for the life of me understand why blogger loads this strawberry plant photo sideways...maybe too much blog beer today?)

Some gardeners are proud of their green thumbs. You will recall last spring I put up a small boat-load of strawberries in the freezer (I think there are still a few pints left to thaw and use), and it looks like once again this year I will be wearing a red thumb during the month of May. These two beds of strawberry plants will eventually be moved outside under the blackberry bushes, but this year we put them in the raised bed as a holding area and they really, really,... I mean really liked it.

The dogwood purchased by hubby last spring is in all its pink glory and loves its location in one of the flower beds as well.

Yet the wild white dogwoods around the yard are just as lovely and we have managed to save several from the wild roses and climbing vines and they have rewarded our efforts with more blossoms. Doesn't this tree photo make you want to grab a book and sit on the grass in the shade and read?

Hubby also had to purchase a cherry tree this spring. We will probably not see one single red orb from this little tree. My guess is that the birds will divest us of any cherries just the day or two before they are completely ripe.

My final note is on the families of birds that share our yard. The blue bird house now has five eggs inside. She may lay more, be we cannot chance opening the wall again to look inside. The chickadee house above is still being leased although I do question her neatness! ( I am sure it says somewhere in the lease that you cannot hang things from the front door!)


Alf said...

Hi I am Alf Tabor from Adelaide South Australia.
I am intrigued by your use of Taborsyard which also relates to a place in a village near Wilton in UK
This was the place that my ancestors ran a funeral business.
anyhow nice to read your blogs.

Sarah Lulu said...

Oh how much I love that little blue bird house and the dogwoods are lovely.

Sky said...

i love this blog! wow at the strawberries, girl! you will have even more since they spread like wildfire!

lucky you to have eggs in a nest. i hope one day we will have a nest we can find. no one has occupied our bird houses. :(

Angie said...

Oh Tabor, I am green with envy over your raised bed area!!! I am going to make me at least one raised bed---just wait and see! :) Your photos are so beautiful! Those dogwoods are just breathtaking! The Cherry will be worth having EVEN if the birds take all of the cherries---you get the BLOOMS! :) And isn't it just so thrilling when all of the birds are about, and nesting--if the Chickadees would come to my house I would gladly let them 'hang' things on their doors. :) You have a lovely lovely garden area, girl! Now I'm off with that book to lie under those trees and read. :)

Tabor said...

Alf, nice to meet you. My real name is not Tabor so I guess the coincidence it somewhat artificial. I will have to check out the area on the Internet.

Sarah, the blue bird house is really designed for decor...but the chickadee does not seem to have problems with the lack of ventilation and drainage!

Thanks are a sweetie!

One Woman's Journey said...

Everything is thriving. Beautiful pictures and area surrounding your home looks wonderful. I know when you view it your heart smiles.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to see your plants - you are ahead of me in the garden - we live on Vancouver Island and spring is about three weeks late this year!
We had swallows and chickadees in our houses last year, but about a month ago, a pair of Sharp-Shinned Hawks nested in one of our tall firs and having them in the yard is like having a Hells Angels' clubhouse - the value of our birdhouses has hit a large slump and will probably not recover until the 'clubhouse' is gone!

Annie in Austin said...

Putting up strawberry jam sounds lovely to me, Tabor - it's been years! I can't blame Texas for that- in Illinois the squirrels and rabbits and birds got them first.

Bluebird eggs - you are lucky kiddo!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

The sideways uploading makes me crazy, too. I've read that maybe some flowers are perceived as faces, so blogger is trying to turn them in the right orientation. I don't know if that's true but it does seem to happen more frequently when the photo has 'floating' circular or oval elements.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose