Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We made it out of the driveway but only because we had this Old Town canoe in which to load all our stuff!  It made a nice sled to haul heavy luggage and beach stuff to the car and helped as we had to go around fallen trees.  We loaded the canoe on the rack on the car with a thought for some canoeing in the marshes of the south.

Being the pessimists (I would actually write realists) that we are, we packed two snow shovels to take with us.

The storm followed us to Charleston where we spent two nights  and perused the streets pulling against strong and cold winds.  Spent most of our time in stores!  Then on to Savannah where we spent one night.  A morning spent on our favorite Pinkney Island preserve revealed no birds of significance.  They had abandoned all hope and like us flew to Florida.  We spent most of our drive through northern Florida in torrential downpours across the ENTIRE state.  Now finally the cold winds have joined us here as we settle near Ft. Myers in Southeast Florida.  Temps in the mid 50's C for highs.  Looks like we are not putting on swim suits or doing any beaching!!

On an optimistic note, maple trees are a beautiful deep red with their leaves just starting and marsh grasses are a purple green showing their hope for spring. I am eager to take photos once my fingers thaw.


  1. Enjoy your Florida stay. Hope the weather warms up while you're there. I heard it was snowing in Jacksonville?

  2. The drive in those conditions must have been nerve wracking.

    I sure hope things heat up for you in Florida.

  3. Glad you made it, Tabor. I have been thinking about you. BUT--now that you are there, I hope you can relax and enjoy the warmer temps. AND-hopefully it will warm up EVEN more for you while you are there. Hope you took alot of pictures along your way!!!

    Have fun!

  4. Love the canoe, how useful too! Looking forward to the photos eventually. Enjoy.

    Oooh my word verification is "blessess" Nice. Like an abbess only kinder!

  5. The weather in the east and south is unbelievable this year, very worrisome for migrating birds isn't it?

    Stay safe. And happy Valentine's Day.

  6. Stay Happy, Well, Safe and at Peace - on this journey South.
    Hope you have some nice weather.
    At least a little warmer then your home at the edge of the water and forrest.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  7. Wow.. you sure struggled through. Glad you're safe. :)

  8. Have canoe, will travel! Sending wishes for warm, beautiful sunshine your way.

  9. have a nice get away....I want to come too.

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  11. Were you trying to escape snow and got into high water? Poor you. Florida should warm up soon to get you into shorts and sunglasses.

  12. I'm smiling at your use of the canoe :)
    I do hope the weather has improved in Florida and that you're enjoying some warmth and sunshine.
    It's such a switch for your area to be getting all that snow while we've had a lot less than usual.
    Our snowfalls have been mostly light but this afternoon it came down heavier.


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