Friday, February 05, 2010

Hint, Hint.

(Needless to say, this post was written over a week ago.  I was planning on being out of town.)

There is a hint that spring is coming.  The weather hit 62F today!  Very unusual for a day in late January.  The daffodils are peaking lime heads above the muddy ground and the alliums are also venturing bravely forth in lime green beneath the brown and bare branches of the chaste bush.  The azaleas have clear little buds forming.  Isn't this exciting?

I got energetic two weeks ago and began my ritual of forcing the amaryllis bulbs which now sit lifting their leaves to the sun that shines through the kitchen window.  (I love the smell of potting soil in winter.)

This lettuce held over through the winter even after we took off the plastic. We had given up on any salad crops until spring since weather had been so frozen, but were surprised to see this crop still hardy on today's sunny walk around the yard.  I cannot eat all this!

This summer parsley which was planted in my herb bed seems to have made it through the winter and snows thus far. I should probably harvest this tiny crop before all is lost!  I am starting to get new flower seeds in the mail and we are buying seed starter and replacing two seed heating pads.  It looks like the busy days are upon us soon.


  1. Oh, you are up and going already. I better get ready too. We get violent winds here, not kind to starters.

  2. Hi Tabor, It does (I mean DID) look like Spring is coming... You must have had the calm before the storm..

    Speaking of the storm, I hope you will be okay this weekend. It looks pretty rough in your area... Keep us posted please.


  3. That looks totally amazing, how it all survives....

  4. but.. but.. but it's February.. and weren't you just all frozen over? You must be magic. :)

  5. Just amazing Tabor. We've had a mild winter (will very little precipitation) but that means temperatures hovering around the freezing point.

    The idea of growing lettuce at this time of year is mind boggling!

  6. Well these photo were taken about 12 days ago before our two (three) soon to be four snow storms! Everything is now under two feet of snow! All old news except amaryllis are getting so tall!

  7. I agree with you, I too, see the signs. We optimists must stick together!

  8. I am envious of that "lettuce".
    I can also see signs here at the edge of the woods. Uplifting - we know it is on the way!!!
    Days in the dirt and sun - how exciting.

  9. Wow, beautiful lettuce!


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