Monday, February 08, 2010

Take Your Best Shot

Unfortunately I have nothing of real interest in this post.  Just glad to see that the diving birds are back now that the river is thawing in parts. The geese keep away from them so there seems to be some peace treaty that has been arranged.   These little charmers swim fast and far from my lens.  They were chasing each other around the river earlier in the afternoon  spewing white wakes behind them as they danced across the top of the water and making me wonder if we were closer to spring than I thought.  This is the best photos I got and they were much tinkered with so click on them only if you dare. I would like to get some closer shots (in the wild not the zoo!


  1. The fotos are wonderful!

  2. Gotta love a loon.

  3. Great shots even from a distance. The ice is still on the pond and river here so no birds yet...


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