Thursday, February 04, 2010

Response on Controversial Topics

Regarding my prior post I neither dislike nor like hunters.  Some hunting is good for keeping populations of animals in check and the Dept. of Natural Resources seems to be doing a good job of regulating that.

Regarding climate change I do believe it is happening and that mankind is one force causing our earth to heat.  We have too much increase in carbon gases from the atmosphere in the ocean for it not to be somewhat our fault.  This is changing the oceans PH and that means coral depletion, spawning issues, etc.  I also think that this might be part of a greater natural cycle that is in conjunction with our atmospheric pollution.  So we should try to moderate our influence.

I think people would be more accepting if we just called it climate change because the warming is not evident to anyone but scientists who measure it.


  1. Ice is melting at an unusual pace. We are in a major climate change.

  2. I don't have a problem with hunting season. All year hunting would bother me.

  3. I have always had trouble with the concept of hunting but I understand it far better than I ever used to. Short of starvation, I just simply couldn't.

  4. Well said. A little more common sense and honesty is what's required.

  5. I am right there with you...

  6. How anyone can doubt the mountain of hard evidence regarding climate change is beyond me. It is happening, and at an alarming pace; it is not made-up to make Al Gore look good or bad. It's not a Democrat/Republican thing: it is real and it is GLOBAL WARMING.
    As far as hunters go, most of them tend to be responsible people and many of the refuges and wetlands in the US have been created with their money. I personally still couldn't shoot a duck,or anything else for that matter, but that's the truth!


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