Saturday, February 07, 2009


This Dwarapala or door guardian has sat patiently through all kinds of weather at the front door of our home(s). He is our gatekeeper and has been with us for many years. My daughter used to pile various flower blossoms on his head and on his belly in the spring and summer as she had seen her Indonesian playmates do. He is patient through all kinds of weather and stands strong to greet us upon our return from any journey. It was with intentional effort that we crated him in wood and brought him to the United States with us. It is with intentional effort that we lift and move him from house to house. He is made of volcanic stone and weighs perhaps 70 pounds. He has not changed over the years except to develop for a fine patina of green that seems to last through all seasons.

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  1. Ah, he is beautiful and surely worth the effort.

    This very intense winter, we lost a cement fountain that has graced our yard for more than a decade. The head broke off the statue on top and fell into the pool cracking it beyond repair.

    Treasure your little dwarapala!


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