Thursday, February 12, 2009

It Takes So Little to Restore the Energy of Spring

How appropriate so close to Valentine's Day! Let the show begin! The first to open are the smaller pink amaryllis blossoms. This one just opened with the big smile of hope this morning, and as can be seen, the stamens are still drooping. I have a few other plants as close to blossoming. I hate to be away this weekend and miss the beginning of the show. But I will return for the encore on Sunday. (It takes to little to energize my thoughts.)

And below, these are the stars that provide my husband hope.


  1. i am jealous. you are the amaryllis queen!

  2. Surely with your lovely garden in the beautiful west you cannot be jealous of a few house plants. ;-)

  3. Tabor, your Amaryllis bloom is a beauty, and therefore, I'm puzzled by your comment on my post. I can't take much credit for the Amaryllis blooms since I just popped them into their pots, added the growing medium and watered. They did the rest all by themselves :) It's pretty much the same with the geraniums. The ones that are flowering (only 3 out of quite a large number) are in a south facing, sunny window of a bedroom upstairs where the temps are relatively cool. I keep them on the dry side. The plants in another bedroom with an east facing window aren't blooming. They do all seem happy up there though.


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