Monday, February 02, 2009

Timing is everything.

I moved all of the bulbs from the basement and now have a happy grouping near the windows. If we can get more sunny days this would be nice. I am like the lady with too many cats, I know. I just cannot throw them out and no one seems to want them.

These lovely ladies are very close to providing me with some nice color to break the bleak gray days. I think they are the pink or a smaller amaryllis and not the brilliant red ones.

This odd looking bud was trying to shoot toward light at the bottom of the pile of bulbs in the dark bag that I had left for planting this week. Clearly I have messed with it's time clock. I spread the planting time over the month of January, but I don't label the bulbs by they get quite confused. It will be interesting to see how it does.

These are now the tiny kaffir limes that have set on the branches. There are way too many for this small tree as I have about four branches like this. But I will see how they do as move toward early sprin
g. This lime rind can be bitter, so just the juice is what I want to use in drinks and cooking and of course the lovely pungent and savory leaves add that very unique flavor and smell.


  1. These are beautiful! I love the buds, of almost anything, because they give me hope. Spring is coming. So the amaryllis buds - the epitome of luscious, curled energy - are a special treat, and I truly like them at this phase as much as I do when they're blooming.
    Mine are still down cellar, and I gave them a small watering yesterday, noticing one of them putting out a green leaf. They're otherwise dormant. Mine are like yours: a big collection that I can't give away, and can't bear to throw out.

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