Monday, February 09, 2009

Red Valentines Gift

Throughout the winter months the ornamental grasses at the driveway have bobbed their feathery heads in rhythm to whichever beat the wind sends our way. They are ever graceful and even with clinging ice or a dusting of snow, they manage to provide a warmth by their presence.

Today, with the golden afternoon sun on our backs and optimism in our stance we began the laborious process of cutting back this hedge in preparation for spring. The hedge stands tall and proud at the edge of the driveway with the land falling sharply away into wild roses and thorny holly trees on the back side. This labor of love has to be carefully planned and executed. We gathered the
crisp stalks in our arms like wheat and carried them to the vegetable garden and placed them on the path for mulch.

As I started to lift my eyes from the path this lovely velvet red color inside one of the broken stalks caught my gaze. I had to bring it inside to photograph.

If you click the photo to enlarge it looks like red sugar cystals...which perhaps it is? Maybe plant sugars? How sweet.


  1. That's a wonderful shot. Not everyone would think to photograph a broken stalk like that. I'm sure glad that you did.

  2. Thanks for sharing the photo. Clicking to enlarge is a must to get the full effect of those crystals on red. Nice job!


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