Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Tease

The day was blue and gray with the sun sometimes able to peek in frustration from behind wind blown clouds. The temperature was neither frigid nor promising...just gray winter cold. I took my favorite pruning shears from the plant shelf at the side of the kitchen and walked to the plant bed in the front yard and snipped some rosemary and some weak-looking but still pungent sage. This was all I needed to tease a slow cooked pot roast into bringing warm thoughts back to the day.


  1. I envy you. Our herb garden is still under two feet of snow.

    I've tried to grow herbs indoors through the winter but never will any success.

  2. Yes, Barry, this winter has been particularly mild. But usually rosemary can overwinter. I don't know about the sage and will let you know.


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