Monday, June 22, 2009

Deer Me

I think this is what is called the stand off or the show down or better yet, the stare down. I stare and they stare until one of us backs down and ambles off. I won this time. I took this picture from my front door a few days ago early in the morning. Looking carefully you can see the shine of the eye of the other deer to the lower right peeking through the leaves. If you also look carefully you can see the deer fence which is keeping them from eating the roses, sunflowers, etc. that are the gourmet salad I have set just out of their reach. Right now I am working on spraying hot pepper mix over the young sunflower seedlings to discourage a frequent rabbit visitor. I feel so very much like Mr. McGregor!


  1. Wow, look at the rack on that buck!! Now, I could use that deer fence you have. :) They love my yard---they think it's an all-you-can-eat buffet. :) We (the deer/rabbits/I) have an ongoing battle of wills here. The rabbits have eaten my coral bells and japanese painted fern to the ground. :/ Every Spring I struggle to keep a few things growing long enough to provide me at least 'a' bloom or 'a' tomato. :/

  2. I love it Tabor. The deer almost looks like a woodcut on the tree!

    By the way, my remaining tomato and stawberry plant are doing fine after my planter was raided a week or so ago.

  3. shooting the deer through the deer fence makes it look like a mirage, something unreal.
    Great photo.


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