Thursday, June 11, 2009

Swamp Thing

The swamps/marshes near my house are sometimes dark and creepy. The humid air hangs around your shoulders like a panting hot beast. The ground beneath your feet is wet and mucky and sometimes it falls away into some black hole that will promise to suck you up forever. The noise filling the wet air is from a million hungry insects waiting to drink your blood. And then, like a fresh cool breeze, I round the corner and see these.


One Woman's Journey said...

Your words - you have a special talent. They always speak to me.

Kerri said...

There's so much to see in your swampy/marhy area. The irises are such a lovely color, aren't they?
How lovely your boat ride sounded, and what a treat to see the little duckling and especially the prothonatory warbler. You got a great photo of him.

Anonymous said...

I too, LOVE, your way with words, very special talent you have Tabor :)
Your photos are always spectacular too.

Hilary said...

There's beauty everywhere, isn't there?

Sky said...

fabulous writing here - a treat!