Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Real Estate Blues

Tabor's Territory seems to be impacted by the same recession that is impacting everywhere else. She has too much unoccupied real estate with too few renters. It appears that the bluebird couple is back...or maybe these are new bluebirds...they all look alike to her and she thinks they are the more difficult of customers to please. Really, a wren will use any little tuckaway and be quite happy. Mr. Blue is wondering how handsome he may look on this house which recently held the chickadee family.

Mr. B: Hey, babe, come over here and check this place out. It is already furnished!

Mrs. B (or babe): I don't think so. Look at this place. It is brand spanking new. Hasn't seen a tenant yet.

Mrs. B: I guess it could use a coat of paint.

Mr. B: But, babe, I do look so cool against this color! (He breaks into song.)

Mrs. B: (Looking at me with that glance that females share when their men-folk go off the deep end.)

Mrs. B: You can look just as handsome on this roof and it is easier to stand on. Besides there is more room inside.

Mr. B: There is plenty of room in here. Just let me show you, umph!

Mr. B: Hey, babe, where did you go? You should see the construction of the nest in here!

Mrs. B: Here is a nice little green house.

Mr. B: It's OK. I just don't think green is as flattering to my colors. I also think this roof needs some work...

By this time Tabor has drifted off to find hot tea, or coffee, or liquor. This indecision is driving her to distraction.


  1. Your post put a smile on this weary One Woman's face. I need this. Thank You

  2. Delightful, really delightful post.

  3. Don't let HGTV get hold of this post or I can see a whole new series making its way to television.

    Next the birds will be doing renovations!

    Loved this post Tabor!

  4. Too cute. Birds and their antics just beg for dialogue. And you provided such fine text. :)

  5. Aww, good story to help us think... and learn!!

  6. Tabor, I loved your bluebird tale. It was funny. Did the birds actually move in to any of those bird houses? I liked the green bird house. Great post.

  7. There are no bluebird here, in spite of the song;
    "bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover" Delightful birds.
    I have many different varieties come to the feeder stations in my garden, but I find it difficult to photograph them. Lack of patience?


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