Monday, June 29, 2009


Hush child.
The moon soon will rise
And with its glow
A milky path will
Lead you toward home.

Don't cry.
The grass along the path
Will hold your tears
Until you need them
For another moonless time.

Sleep now.
Let the soft moonglow
Enfold your tender body
In an easy caress
As you dream of love.

Dream sweetly.
See in your mind
The best that comes
When you awake
And the moon sails on its way.


musingwoman said...

Just beautiful. Thank you!

Barry said...

Very serene, the peom a perfect compliment to your picture.

Maggie May said...

i'm relaxed :)

Hilary said...

Just beautiful.. the poetry and the photo. (and the word verification is "rests")

Friko said...

Who wrote this? It's so sweet and gentle. Is it a lullaby?
The photo is lovely too.

Tabor said...

Friko, I wrote it. It is kind of simple, but what I loke about blogging is everyone gets a chance to try stuff.

One Woman's Journey said...

Beautiful. Like Barry shared it is a relaxing poem. The image reminds me of the moon shining through the woods that was so bright last night at Woodhaven.
You are one talented lady!!

Sky said...

nice, tabor!

Kikit said...

So beautiful Tabor. Both the poem and the picture. :)