Friday, May 08, 2009

Bounded by Skull Creek

Pinckney Island is dark and mysterious but intriguing like a young Latin woman ever changing. It is also unforgiving like an emotional teenager. She must be avoided during the hot months of summer or you will be eaten alive or wish your were elsewhere. She can be truly explored only with a bike and patience and time.

The island was once the plantation of a rich southern lawyer in the 1800's and this history has pretty much been camouflaged with the passing of time. Pine and palmetto woods, marshland and 14 miles of trails are what one discovers now. It is a wonderful place for photographing birds. Above is an anhinga in traditional pose.

Here is a closer view of him grooming.

And finally, this is a nesting bird and if you click on the photo it looks like it has the markings of our anhinga. Maybe? Maybe not.


  1. Pinckney Island looks just as dark and mysterious as you describe.

    But beautiful.

    I wish I had half your skill as a photographer.

  2. What an odd bird - but what a good photo. That does look like a place better explored in the cooler parts of the year!
    We lived in SC at once time but never saw this part of it...dark & mysterious is right.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. These are wonderful shots! I've never heard of this bird but how fascinating.


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