Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tricks of Nature

I was snapping away in my back yard trying to get a better picture of the indigo there are two males that visit each evening... without much success. They were quick and shy and my patience was wearing thin. I needed to rest my eyes and pulled away from the camera eyepiece and I looked up into the trees enjoying the beauty of the green late afternoon when my eye fell on the scene above. What was that little owl doing out in the middle of the day watching intently the small birds on the feeder below? Wow! If you cannot see it in this photo above you do not have the magical imagination needed.

So I zoomed in and of course, for those with better eyesight and less fatigued eyes than mine, this is what was actually on the tree...a branch bent and with a dot looking like an owl eye. No wonder birds are hard to spot with trees pretending they are birds!


  1. Even looking at the lower picture It's hard for me NOT to see it as a owl!

    Quite amazing Tabor!

  2. Really DOES look like a bird!

  3. Great!
    Still checking - I agree - perhaps I need new glasses

    Love this photo

  4. I was fooled too! Thanks for the photo.

  5. I think it actually is one of those rare chameleon owls that take the shape of wherever they perch. Like the one on Barry's hat.

  6. That's wonderful. I'm amazed at how poor my eyesight is, and how much my camera clarifies for me. Gotta love that zoom!


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