Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ibis in South Carolina

Yes, more birds! At first we saw them flying high over the pond just above the trees recognizable by their long curved bill. Unusual sight for us 'Northerners."

Next we saw them crossing the open lawn from the nearby marsh to the pond right in front of us as we took our walk around the pond. Juvenile colors shown here.

Then we saw a lovely adult in the marsh to the left of us.

I reduced the pixel size which compromises the photos, but you can still click on them for a sharper view. All have been enhanced by post processing.


  1. Really like that last photo with the reflection in the water. Very nice!

  2. I love the last picture too. The variety of wild life around you is astounding.

  3. Barry this bird is not in my neck of the woods...it is about 600 miles away on my dear Pinkney Island.

  4. wow - the last photo is stunning! how neat that you got to see these.
    i just love that area of south carolina. it is far too hot for me in summer, but i would love to spend thanksgiving there again one day.


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