Thursday, May 07, 2009

Drum Roll, Please

Last Tuesday, May 5, I was heading out to the vegetable garden to weed. It has been raining every day (and night) since we returned and I began to feel that rain would never stop so that I could weed!

First there was the bed (photo above) with broccoli (far row) kohlrabi (closer row) and the bok choi (closest in the photo) which had bolted with lovely yellow flowers. Lots of little weeds hiding in the shade of these big green leaves.

Then I turned to the first of the strawberry beds and tried not to think how many blossoms had already set and how busy I was going to be in the coming weeks.

Now, for the DRUM ROLL, please. The biggest surprise was finding the two heritage tomato plants we had ordered from Burpee already showing off their stuff. They were only about 4 inches when we planted them before our trip. Look...there are blossoms. Even the regular tomato only 6 inches high in another bed and grown from seed is producing a blossom which you can barely see in the center of the picture below! With all this rain, I will be truly surprised if they set. But tomato blossoms in May...I have never seen that!


  1. Your garden is so lush. Nothing here. The rain and my building project halted my little vegetable garden. I think I will have about 3 or 4 quarts of strawberries from the 8 plants that were planted in the fall. The birds are pecking them as they ripen.

  2. Broccoli! That reminds me, my son said to buy some at the store tonight.

    P.S. you have a lovely garden.

  3. Ah, just about time for you to invite us all over for dinner.

  4. I'm rather garden here on Canada's east coast is still just empty rows...I'm a long way from tomato blossoms.

    I'm adding your blog to my site, so I can find my way back to see how your garden grows ;-)


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