Sunday, May 03, 2009

It has sprung!

Time is such a moving thing. I chased early summer on to Hilton Head Island and returned to find that spring had almost left us and summer was well on its way to my house. Just compare the photo of the trees above with the one in the prior post which I took the day before we left!

One of my newly planted roses is now sending out lovely pink blooms.

I have never had rhododendrons at my prior homes and this year I added two new plants.

This rhodo above is from last year and it blooming so well this year without little deer croppings. It starts as a pale peach color and fades into deep pink.

The weeding also sprung forward. Guess the bird photos from vacation will have to wait.


  1. Welcome Back!! Rhododendrons do well in my area. I love them.
    It has rained every day for over a week in my area. Mud everywhere.

  2. It has indeed sprung, much to my delight. Your photos are beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing those birds. :)

  3. Tulips are just beginning to bloom here - a month late. We had a huge drenching rain and wind last night and trace of snow this morning. Still chasing spring here! Your photos are lovely...

  4. Beautiful beautiful photos. Our flowers are just beginning to bloom and the buds are just ready to pop on the trees.


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