Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sweetly sad are the goodbyes and endings of a beautiful day. We have to let go as time moves on and as beauty inevitably fades. I have found in retirement that letting go of the day is harder to do because my days are not so busy and little is calling me forward when I want to linger and look backward. In the back of my mind I know that the list of days I am allotted is getting less and that is a mildly anxious thought at times.

This photo reminds me of the romantic and mystical paintings of the artist Maxfield Parrish. His style of illustration in children's books reminds me of Japanese woodblocks in their symmetry and this is blended with the warmth and whimsy of another favorite, Norman Rockwell. Parrish's very different landscape paintings are over the top romantic with rich breathtaking colors and bold heights.

The photo above would be something he would want to illustrate. It has all the high profile clouds and romantic pinks that he was fond of using.


  1. Yes indeed, dazzlingly luminous colors would have been like catnip to Parrish. And do I see a hint of Parrish blue in that photo?

  2. What a breathtakingly beautiful photo!


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